Friday, 22 May 2009

Sleeping beauty....

Okay, so I've totally turned into one of those Moms that takes a million pictures of their kid but I guess with all of this time on my hands during the day I've got to find SOMETHING to do! It seems like almost all of the pictures we've taken of Calum are when he's sleeping, it's just that he is SO cute when he's asleep-I could just eat him up. One of my favourite times with him is in the morning when he wakes up or when I wake him from his naps (yes, he's such a sleeper that sometimes I have to wake him from a nap for a feed). First he makes a series of really cute faces and then he makes these funny grunt noises while he stretches out, he looks like a little troll!

This was week two of being at home together and we've managed to really settle into a routine. Here in the UK there is a childcare author called Gina Ford who a lot of people swear by that really advocates getting babies into routines. There are a series of different routines depending on what age your baby is, we've started on the 2 to 4 week old baby routine which allows for 5 hours of sleep for Calum during the day and sees him going to bed at 7 and waking at 7 with one or two feeds in the night with the ultimate goal of him sleeping through the night without needing a feed. So far so good, I'm managing to get almost 7 hours of sleep most nights and catch up on any missed sleep when he sleeps from 11.30-2 in the afternoons.

Today Calum is 4 weeks old and this weekend we're going to attempt some firsts which include going up to London to meet some friends for lunch and possibly giving him a bottle of formula when we do as I'm not ready to breast feed in public as of yet... Yesterday we went to regular weekly weigh in and Calum came in at 10 lbs 5 oz which is still just above the 50th percentile for his age. On Wednesday we went back to the hospital to the jaundice clinic where they took more bloods (we get the results this week) and sent us home to collect a urine sample (good luck with a 4 week old baby!) which we have to take back in for testing. The doctor seemed to think he was looking pretty healthy, but better to be safe then sorry.

Hope you all have a great 3-day weekend. Here in the UK we don't celebrate Memorial Day but we also have a 3-day weekend and the weather is supposed to be amazing so we can finally break out Mark's new barbecue x

Yes, we've given in and given him the "dummy" (pacifier)


Natalie Shapiro said...

He is so sweet!! I love all his hair. I am glad you are doing good. The first time I nursed in public I was so nervous, but after that I just whipped it out anytime anywhere :)

Troy and Ashley said...

Oh Jen that first picture is so cute. His little smile is so darling - perfect parts of you and Mark. I love all the pictures you are posting, as you know I've been doing the same and taking millions of pictures of Westyn. The farthest I've come to nursing in public is the Women's nursing room in Nordstrom. But there were 3 other young Mom's doing the same so it was pretty funny.

Leah said...

Sounds like you are settling into a good routine and getting some needed rest! I love the pictures of him, he's beautiful.