Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Team USA

The England v. USA game on Saturday was a big event around our house, with Mark firmly on Team England and me supporting Team USA. Calum, being half American (which I kindly reminded Mark about a million times of on Saturday), was somewhere in between but since we couldn't find a Team USA jersey around here, he sported an England "kit" for the day (kit is the word for uniform here). We had the Verghese family around despite the fact that our living room is in a state with bare walls and dust covering just about every surface, the 60 inch HD flat screen with surround sound has been dying to show itself of for just these sort of occasions!

Unfortunately due to a UK-wide error, anyone watching the game in HD missed the England goal at the start of the match! We did however get a chance to see the US "goal" and in the end, I guess I'm glad it was a tie because whoever's team lost was never going to hear the end of it. We had a bet going that the person's team who won got to have a day off from baby duty the following day. Since it was a tie, I did most of the baby duty on Sunday per usual (only joking, Mark does tons when he's around on the weekends but still got to be the one who slept in on Sunday!).
Calum pointing, which he just discovered last week. I think you can really see a resemblence in Mark and Calum's profiles here...
The World Cup is a true experience here in England and when I arrived 4 years ago, just in time to catch a few games of the last one, it was amazing. I can't begin to describe it, England is nowhere near as patriotic as the US but when it comes to the World Cup they really have us beat. Football (soccer) is THE sport-they don't have 3 big ones like we do to chose from, and the entire country backs the same team, it's fantastic. The large majority of our neighbours have England flags waving either on their cars or in their yards, and just about everyone on the day was wearing some piece of clothing with the Three Lions on it (their logo). The streets and stores are a ghost town, everyone and I mean everyone, is watching the game-mostly in the pubs but also at home like we were. Great thing here is that you can bring kids to the pubs although because they are so packed I probably wouldn't bring Calum this time, but definitely for the next one in 2014 when he's a bit older. Even though I don't understand all of the ins and outs of the game, it's still lots of fun to watch and I look forward to the next match this Friday and I will be following Team USA's progress with hopes that they finish better then England in the end so I still have a chance to gloat ;).
Mark's brother Paul, our nephew Max and Mark in their England kit

Calum posing in his new swing, just after we got back from getting his hair cut. In Mark's own words, he is "livid" about how the hair cut turned out. At least it grows back!


Blyth Family Blog said...

Go USA! Thank goodness for the UK goal keeper eh??

The Haigh's said...

I'm proud of you for not selling out on us.

Erin said...

USA! USA! USA! I'm with Ash, thanks for not selling out. I was thinking about you and Lauren on Saturday during the game since you're both married to men from England and wondering what the cheering would be like :)
Calum looks like a model! If you're interested in doing photos when you're in town, I'd love to take some of your little guy.

Jeanne said...

Shoot, I should've brought something w/ USA on it instead of that Mariners hat (Mariners totally suck right now) for Calum. Oh well - I'll plan better next time I visit. So glad they at least tied!

Keri said...

I think his haircut looks nice! And I can definitely see a resemblence in him and Dad's profile in that one picture. Sounds like it the World Cup in England is similiar to Cougar Football Saturday in Pullman :) Got Makena's b-day card today in the mail - you are so sweet. Thank you for thinking of us! I wish you were here for her party. Can't wait to see you in July!!!

Brooke said...

Hi Jen.

Um. So. I guess I should say, I know Sarah Dix (Ust). And via blog stalking, yada, yada, yada, I've found you and put the Sarah and Volt or Softchoice or something computery connection together.

Anyway. Hi. Your little boy is ADORABLE. If that kid isn't modeling, well, then you've failed. Kidding. About the failing thing. But seriously, your son needs to be in print or on TV. Or the tube. Wait, that's not the TV, that's the sub right? Joking. Okay, this is becoming awkward.


So I'm contacting you because I'll be in London in a couple of weeks and although my husband CLAIMS to know all the "spots" from living there, (which was YEARS ago), I told him, "Don't trip. I got a "connect"." Yes. You are my "connect".

I was hoping, if it wasn't an inconvience, you could email me some neighborhoods you'd recommend. We're only there three days.

Okay. I hope I haven't freaked you out. Please don't go private. :)



Tara Holmes said...

Ha! Love your stalker. Love it! I think Calum always look adorable and I LOVE your new blog with sexy tan couple pics too. You are the coolest. Go USA!