Thursday, 24 June 2010


Monday was Mark's 35th, unbelievably because as he so kindly reminded me when he went out the other night and got asked for ID(!), he looks like he's about 25! We celebrated by going out on a much needed date to one of London's top Italian restaurants headed up by an English celebrity chef named Theo Randall: The restaurant was on Park Lane which is one of the most exclusive areas in London full of luxury hotels, Rolls Royces and perfect for people watching. Probably the highlight of the meal were the most amazing elderberry Bellini's, I treated myself to 2 followed by 2 glasses of prosecco so needless to say by the time we left the restaurant, I needed some fresh air!
Mark always tries to act like he doesn't want to have his birthday be made a big deal, but check out the smile when they brought his special bday desert!
M so not into having a touristy pic taken before dinner
We headed up towards the Ritz to Mayfair, and to Nobu for a drink. Nobu is like THE place for celebs to go to when they are in town and I thought Mark might enjoy a glimpse into what was his life just a few short years ago. I loved being out with my husband and hope he enjoyed his day.

The day before was Father's Day. Bummer for me because Mark is impossible to buy for! We had a low key one, decided not to drive up to his Dad's grave and instead went to Blackheath to our favourite little brunch place just the 3 of us. The day really made even more clear to me how special our little unit is, and made me appreciate how lucky we are. Mark lost his Dad when he was 12, and in the past it's always been a bit of a sad day but this was the first time I felt like he could really enjoy it and see the legacy that lives on although I know he misses his Dad just like I miss mine. Every holiday is another one not spent with those that I love and I just wish I could snap my fingers and be home whenever I got homesick.
This was the mood Calum was in for our brunch.... Not a Happy Baby like the book says!
4 years and that little nagging never goes away. Yep, June 19th marked my 4 year anniversary here in London. Hard to believe I made the jump and actually did it, packed up my bags and moved 5,000 miles across the world to see what life had in store! Not a day goes by that I don't think of my friends, my family, or some little memory that I have of home. Do I regret my decision to come here? Of course not, but it doesn't mean that I don't want to someday move home so I can have everyone I love in one place (well, almost everyone anyway!). That means everyone has to do their best sales job when we're home next month-especially you, Dett and Tara! x
Wednesday for our impromptu World Cup barbecue. Pretty sure we aren't ready yet to manage two little ones!
Uncle Mark & Rhys-he loves babies! Neither of us could remember what it was like to have one this little though.


The Haigh's said...

OMG Jen - Is that your new backyard furniture??? Its beautiful! And you are looking pretty smashing yourself. Counting the days...

Tara Holmes said...

I totally commented on this and then it ate! LOVE the new blog with sexy couple pictures of you---you look so tan and radiant. I can't wait to hug you for real in just a few weeks now!!!!!! Poor England.

Brooke said...


You have GREAT skin.

Can you smell me? I'm like in your hood right now. Because you hang at Heathrow right? Shop at the sunglass hut? Maybe eat at Wagmamamama?

If you get this in the next, oh, 7 hours. Come to British Air, gate A. We can share a pint. Actually, we can each have our own. I should have went into the city, except my left foot is so swollen I can't wear my sneak, so it's best I just stay put. Like a dog.

K. Thanks a trillion for the leads my connect. Jen McEvers for Prime Minister!

thuriks said...

Jen you are such a gorgeous Mommy. I love your backyard.Amazing. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks. Best time to call is in the morning here.

Keri said...

Love the pictures! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks and catch up in person!