Thursday, 6 August 2009


Adeus (goodbye in Portugese) everyone, after 8 LONG months without a holiday (or even a weekend away!) we are off for our first family holiday to the Algarve in Portugal. I wish I could say I was super excited but in reality I'm super apprehensive about travelling with a 15-week old baby as even the fairly simple task of packing has proven to be a lot more complicated then it ever was when there was just two of us. The ENTIRE Verghese clan (11 in total) will be vacationing together which has only ever happened several times before-to Ireland for a wedding and a funeral and to Italy for our wedding. Should be...INTERESTING but also great, we will be lucky to have so many helpers around. Will of course have loads of pics to share when we're back on the 16th. Until then, wish us luck-still can't get over how crazy it is that my baby has his own passport at 3 mos (I got my passport at 21!) and will have 2 stamps on it by the time he's 6 mos old! Guess there is a slight trade off for the sacrifice I make for living abroad and away from home, let's just hope he remembers his world travels when he gets older. Take care x

Our (not so little) little ham


Lynne said...

OMG Jen he is to cute. I love his cheeks. Have fun on your trip.

Troy and Ashley said...

Holy Crap Jen You have created the cutest chunk in Calum. I absolutely can't wait to hold him.
Have fun on your trip - good luck.

Keri said...

Are you back yet? Can't wait to hear all about the vacation!!!