Monday, 11 June 2012

9 months

9 months came as we were in (very) hot and sunny Palm Springs so after a week of trying to get everyone over their jet lag and back onto UK time, I finally got around to the babies' 9 month pictures taken with our new camera which I need a lot more practise with. I have to say, Evan's really capture him but Sienna's don't look as much like her although it could be down to the fact that for that first week we were all living on very broken and irregular sleep.

Whilst we were away both babies mastered sitting up on their own although Evan can sit for longer before toppling over then Sienna can. The babies have also started showing a serious interest in getting around, at the moment only dragging themselves around in a circle although Sienna can go forwards a bit. Strangely I don't dread them crawling, I suppose if anything it makes me realise we've come to another milestone and time is moving too fast.

Sienna is saying a lot of da-da-da, Evan is more ba-ba-ba so it looks like I'm 0 and 3 in terms of Mama being the kids' first word. Evan is the more picky of the two, making some classic faces of disgust when anything with even the slightest hint of texture passes his lips. Both babies did amazing on our long haul flight over although the flight back was a different story, Evan screamed most of the way back which got us quite a few glares as people left the plane and made me reconsider our next US visit.


bre said...

Your family is beautiful and I love your kiddos names! So happy for you! Take good care, bre and the boys

PeggyMomma said...

I keep checking your blog in hopes of seeing those babies heading off to school. HAHA kidding, but sure would love to see what's been going on with you/them. Although I don't "know" you all, I kinda feel like I do. Hope to see something soon :)