Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The latest

After what was a long 4 day weekend here in the UK, life today seems to be getting almost back to normal. Friday I went shopping and to lunch with a friend and capped off the night with a family dinner for Max's birthday. The following day we helped Tracey and her boyfriend Richard move into their new house and Sunday we spent the day with family for Easter. Easter morning was a treat, my Mom sent a HUGE box of American candy and a few bits for Calum who actually seemed to really love the Easter pail the most! Poor Calum has come down with a cold again and wasn't really able to get as much sleep as he probably needed due to us being out and about. As I write this he is snoring away peacefully in his room which is pure bliss to my ears!
Tracey and Richard in their new house, Tracey is 30 wks pregnant.
It's weekends like these that I am reminded just what a good baby we have. He rarely cries and even though at times this weekend he looked drunk he was so exhausted, he keeps powering on and always has a smile on his little face. Due to exhaustion and a stuffy nose/cough he woke up once or twice both Friday and Saturday night which is a rarity for him. I know personally when I hear that cry come over the baby monitor I always wake up with a shock followed by a little groan in the back of my mind wondering how long I'm going to be up and how we're going to remedy the situation. Whilst I was exhausted I had to remind myself that this is normal baby stuff that we've thankfully be spared from most of the time. I'm convinced our next baby is never going to sleep and be a big handful!
Most of you know I was a little concerned as Calum (who will be 1 in 2.5 wks) hadn't started crawling yet. On Friday night when we got home I put him down to unpack our stuff he started crawling! After months of trying to lure him with the remote, cell phone and etc. he surprised us by going for it when there was nothing exciting in sight and when he was totally knackered. Of course since then I've been wishing he could go back to not crawling because now he is into everything! Calum's first tooth also made an appearance last week so slowly but surely he is catching up and amazes me at how much he is learning and changing everyday. With his 1st birthday approaching I thought I might be a little sad but how could I be when I have so much to look forward to with him?
Showing off his new crawling skills-he favours the crab walk!
Calum with his favourite, his rocking horse from Grandma. He can rock on his own now! Not sure what Mark has done to his hair in this pic


Blyth Family Blog said...

YAY!! Calum you're such a big boy crawling now! woohoo!
See Jen, I told you, don't listen to those stupid nurses, they don't know what they're talking about :)
I didn't think this child could get any cuter but he always seems to amaze me with every new post!!

Blyth Family Blog said...

PS...you sound like such a limey in this post!

The Haigh's said...

JEN!!!!!!!!!! Why didnt you tell me this morning he was crawling?? YAY! He has such a precious little face and even though Mark gave him an old man comb-over he is still darling. I can't believe Tracey is already 30 weeks, thats exciting. If a limey is a Brit than Meghan's right, you do sound like one, and you spell like one too.

Tara Holmes said...

Um! Hello?! A new tooth too! I love his fancy hair do! I'm calling tomorrow! He is such a little man. Almost 1!!! Where did the time go??!!!!

Leah said...

So glad to hear he's on the move but I feel for you at the same time : )
Love the side part, by the wa !